CE Manual –Download 80 pgs

CE Manual –Download 80 pgs
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Christianity Explained is a six-week evangelistic course designed especially for people with little or no Bible background.

Topics include:

  • Jesus, Son of God 
  • Jesus his death on the cross
  • Jesus his resurrection
  • Salvation by grace, not good works
  • What is a Christian? 1. Repenting 
  • What is a Christian? 2. Believing 

One leading pastor comments, “CE is the most effective evangelistic course I have ever used”. Over thirty years thousands of users have found it effective in bringing many to faith in Jesus. Largely used one-to-one, CE has also proved productive in a small group setting.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
I've used a number of seeker courses and found Christianity Explained (CE) to be the most effective in helping a seeker understand the gospel. The principles that form the basis for CE have shaped the way I think about evangelism. One of the things I like about CE is that it requires the participant (seeker) to consider their own response to Jesus. Each week they hear the gospel but each week it's shared in a different way. It's also been helpful to have the CE illustrations ready to share with people who might unexpectedly ask me about my faith. A seeker who is doing this course said that she'd been to church for many years, but had never had the gospel explained to her like this. She particularly enjoyed reading the Gospel of Mark which has helped her to understand who Jesus is and what he taught. I've been able to use this course in Australia and overseas with highschool and University students, city workers and family members. I would highly recommend it!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is one of the best tools out there to introduce Christianity to anyone you know. It is simple and easy to follow and addresses the foundation of Christianity in 6 lessons, anyone can do this course !!

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