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The book of Revelation Explained

The book of Revelation Explained

Imagine a Hollywood end-of-the-world movie, in which the editors keep the film’s beginning and the end, but cut up the main central section into about 20 parts, then rearrange these parts out of chronological order.

The film is full of flash-backs and flash-forwards.

The Book of Revelation is like that!

For instance:

  • Jesus is alive post-resurrection, and ruling as the Lamb that was Slain in Chapter 4, but he is not born until Chapter 12, eight chapters later!;
  • the binding of Satan’s power through the Cross, which should occur early in the book does not happen until the very end, in Chapter 20, after Satan’s final expulsion to the Lake of Fire;
  • the world seems to end three times; the city of Rome is called “Babylon” right through the book; the book is full of strange and frightening images, that are not explained.
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