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CE Workbook – Download 24 A5 pgs

CE Workbook – Download 24 A5 pgs

There are two main ways people use this course-

  1. You would need to download one copy of the Workbook for each participant, and one for yourself. OR...
  2. The CE MANUAL USE WITH THE VISUAL AIDS                                                                                                                                                                  If you are not using the Workbook, the CE manual requires you to make visual aids by hand to go with each of the students, which is    a  bit time consuming. However, once you have made a set of visual aids you can use them over and over. Alternatively. you can download a printed set of 24 pages of the visual aids. See "Se VISUAL AIDS" on this page.  We suggest you     download them into 120g card or similar, for durability.

Author's note - I prefer to sue the visual aids myself as I think this method tends to hold the enquirer's attention better.

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