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The first time I've ever led anyone to Christ 


Rowena Mellor is making the most of her retirement!  Early 2013, she began to do Christianity Explained with an International student from China who we shall call Maggie.  “Maggie said it would take years to become a Christian because she knew nothing about the Bible.  We shook our heads and said, “No,” and took her through theChristianity Explained lessons.” 


“So we began to meet once a week to do Christianity Explained one-on-one on my back deck.  I asked a friend, Suzanne, to come for support.  I led and Suzanne would extend some points. During the fifth session Maggie wanted to become a Christian.


“I found the course very effective as it was taking Maggie through the Gospel as well as an English lesson.  Putting out the resources for her to read was very effective and the book illustration, in Study 2, was quite powerful.I have been a believer for decades but this was the first time I have personally led another to faith in Jesus. What a thrill! 

The course is taken from the book of Mark and is the clear Gospel message.  I think it is an excellent  tool and the graphic examples in the course clearly help make the Gospel understood.  I found it really helpful to go through it with a person from a non-English background.


“We continued with Discipleship Explained which we finished  two weeks ago.   It dawned on her, ‘Do you mean to say that Christianity is not just about belief but it can actually help you know how to live your life?’ Maggie still has much to learn but Suzanne and I have assured her that we are both still learning ourselves.


“Maggie has an Aunt in China who is a Christian but she lives in another city and has never shared anything about Christianity with her. Maggie had never heard of Jesus. She had seen some women wearing crosses around their necks but she didn’t know the significance. 

"She’s looking forward to going home and telling her family and  friends about it. She fears that they will find the Gospel foolish." 


Do you know someone like Maggie who wants to practice English? Uni students or refugees? Who do you know that God might use you to lead them through CE


The message one person got from Rowena’s pastor was, "If Rowena could do it anyone could do it; you don’t need a theology degree."

“I found the material so clear and excellent for taking people through the Christian message. You can do it with your friends or relatives who want to know about Christianity. You could do it with anyone. It’s so useful and personally helpful.”

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The Best Book I've Read in Five Years

Ben Phahlert, Director of Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) which encourages people to consider "full-time" ministry, comments on Michael Bennett's new book, "Do You Feel God is Calling You?". 

Ben writes, "As a young Chriatian I heard Christians say, 'I was called by God' - what do they mean? Did God audibly speak to them with a special revealed word? All of this has been percolating around in my mind for years. I picked up Michael Bennett's book and read the blurb. 'Hallelujah!' I thought to myself. 'This bloke might have some insights we can all benefit from.' So I bought the book and devoured it in about 4 hours. I LOVED it! 

The book is excellent because: 
Bennett is Hilarious - he uses humour to say serious things in a pastorally sensitive way. 
It's Biblical - Bennett's exegesis is careful, well argued and traverses the sweep of Biblical data. 
It is Pastoral and straight talking - Bennett wants people to use language in a way that is clear and unambiguous. Why? Because it matters.

This is the best book I've read in 5 years!"  

By Ben Pfahlert  Director of MTS
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What do you do when someone says to you,
"I want to become a Christian." 

What would you do if someone said, “I want to become a Christian”? For Victor Ho, CEO of Frontiers Australia, this has happened many times over the past 24 years he's been using Christianity Explained.

Christianity Explained has been a wonderful, simple tool for sharing the gospel,” says Victor. 

Meeting a small group of people as the course ends, Victor starts off saying, “A few weeks ago, you all walked down to the front of the church and said the sinner’s prayer. Did any of you really understand what you were doing then?”

Generally the answer is a resounding, “No.” None. This leads to the next question, “Having gone throughChristianity Explained, learning about Jesus and salvation, if I asked you to say the sinner’s prayer with me now, would it be more meaningful to you?" This time the answer is a resounding “Yes. I can’t wait!” 

Why? Having completed Christianity Explained, they understand the gospel and are ready to repent and believe the Good News.

Pastor Victor Ho is passionate aboutChristianity Explained. He has used it for 24 years in Australian churches and with Muslims in Australia and overseas. Victor and co-worker, Pastor Andrew Plater began using CE at Christian Life Centre, Sydney in 1989. At the time, they were both pastors looking after first-time decision-makers and new Christians, and wanted a resource to disciple and evangelise in a simple, clear way. 

Victor and Andrew soon realised that almost everyone who gave their heart to Jesus one Sunday had little or no knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. Some people had many questions and were quite confused. Others were afraid to ask because they may be considered childish or silly by Christians around them.

Taking the CE program, they found it easy to adapt to their own context. For example, two extra weeks were added at the beginning to establish a safe and friendly group, where each member knew they had permission to ask any question they had, but had previously been too embarrassed to ask. Other weeks were added after the first three lessons from CE, to ensure these essential truths were understood. 

Victor Ho says, “I have found CE to be a wonderfully simple tool to share the gospel.”

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