Never say “Never” to God

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Never say “Never” to God 

“Do you remember me? I came here 20 years ago and you taught me Christianity Explained, and I became a Christian.” 

Christianity Explained in Action

Vol. 2. November 2013

"Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death and will cover over a multitude of sins." James 5:20 NIV

Photo Above: from L to R: Marion and Michael Bennett, Sam & Anna Ramzy

Never say “Never” to God 


Sam and his wife Anna immigrated to Australia nearly 20 years ago from Iran. They had two children, and they never wanted to go back. “I had promised myself I would have nothing to do with Iranians because they have hurt me so much.”

Sam ran his own business and eventually became an award winning house designer. After being badly burnt several times by Iranians, Sam's personal policy was to avoid all Iranians and only have contact with Aussies. 


Today, Sam is singing a different tune. “I enjoy meeting these people and teaching them the gospel, even more than I enjoyed all my work and all the awards.” What has brought about this dramatic change of heart? 

When Sam decided to immigrate to Australia, his family was living in Germany.  His son and daughter were 12 and 13, and they became interested in Christianity through their school in Hanover.

They moved to Brisbane and started attending the local Church of Christ. When Sam arrived, the church asked him if he was a Christian. He wasn’t, but he said he was. They asked if he had been baptised. “What’s that?” he asked.

So the church brought Sam to the home of Michael and Marion Bennett in Annerley, hoping they could help. 

Michael led Sam through Christianity Explained.  Sam came to trust in Jesus. Then the whole family was baptised together, including Anna.

So what impact did CEhave on his life?


“I became a Christian but I didn’t know how to forgive. ThroughChristianity Explained, I understood forgiveness. Anna and I used to fight. I knew that if I didn’t forgive my wife, God will not forgive me. Baby steps, we changed bit by bit.”


Sam has now been retired for two years. He made himself available to God. He prayed, “Now I am ready. I am ready with my whole heart. I’ve got the time. Use me.”

One week later, John, from a sister church rang. “Sam, I have a couple from Iran. They are refugees. Would you come?”


This was quite difficult for Sam to agree to. “As I was going, I could feel my feet moving, one towards the door and one away from the door. God reminded me of my offer and promise to him, so I was able to move foreword.”

They used CE to explain the gospel, and Sam was able to translate to Persian. This was just the beginning. God has brought many more Iranians to their church. “God has brought them here. He has put the desire and love in my heart."

CE has played an important role in Sam's life. Now Sam and Anna are using CE to help others make sense of the gospel and come to faith in Christ.

Sam tells people in the first week of CE that it is a fabulous course that will explain Christianity point by point. “The course is so very clear. It can open your mind to see something that you never thought you would think.”

Another surprise has come Sam and Anna’s way. Recently, they were invited to a meeting in Annerley. When they walked in, Sam remembered he had been there before, and said to Michael, “Do you remember me? I came here 20 years ago and you taught me CE, and I became a Christian.” 


Would you like to know how to use CE in your situation? Please contact Christianity Explained. 

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