The Right Tool for the Right Job

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“Throughout my ministry, CE has helped me to nurture new believers.  I thank God for [Christianity Explained].”
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Christianity Explained

 in Action

Vol. 4. February 2014
"Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death and will cover over a multitude of sins." James 5:20 NIV
Above: Pastor Percy Campbell, from New Creation Church Brisbane, checking one of his English student's work.

  The  Right  Tool  for the  Right  Job 

Pastor Percy Campbell, aged 65, recalls a recent conversation with a pastor from another church. The Pastor was surprised to hear that Percy was still usingChristianity Explained:

“Christianity Explained! That’s old!” 
Percy replied, “The Gospels are even older. Has God stopped using them?” 
“No! I suppose not. Fair point,” replied the pastor. 
"Christianity Explained has done something that is a blessing to the world!"
When Percy was 40, he flew back to Australia with his family, after years of church planting and being the residential Principal of a Bible College in Singapore and several other Bible colleges in other parts of Asia. CE has been a regular part of Percy’s ministry in different countries over many years. Percy said, “CE & English teaching, they’re two tools I keep on using.”

In the 1980’s, Percy was pastoring a church plant in a converted warehouse in Sumner Park. Percy said, “The church had about 800 people, and Michael Bennett came and we trained many people in CE. We had 20 groups going, who did CE. 

Since then, I’ve planted churches in various countries using CE, and it has brought hundreds and hundreds of people to Christ. [CE] has done something that is a blessing to the world.” 
“CE is great for non-Christians, seekers, and giving people an opportunity to respond to Jesus. When I was Principal at Tung Ling Bible College in Singapore, I introduced CE there. I taught many Church Growth subjects, along with other subjects. 

“We had charismatics, Evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants, Brethren; the main-line traditional churches. Many came to us, and our people in Singapore were trained to use CE and they graduated and took it with them around the world. 

“I taught them to nurture the lambs. I thought the  CE presentation was the best presentation of the gospel for people who were seekers. I tried all different ways. 
"I thought the  CE presentation
was the best presentation
of the gospel"
"You're always looking for tools to do the work of the ministry and that was a tool. The illustrations which [CE] used became incredibly helpful pictures for people to understand the work of Jesus.”

You can find Percy, on a Sunday, at the Queensland Tennis Centre in Tennyson, Brisbane. He won’t be playing tennis, but leading a multi-cultural church plant, New Creation Church Brisbane, that meets in one of the function centres there. 
"I thank God for Christianity Explained."
So now he’s back, church planting and using CE again. This time he is using it with a group of new migrant believers.

Percy explained why he thinks CE is the right tool for this job. “I want to ground them so that they know how to know that Jesus is the Son of God. CE is simple but good.  It establishes a simple scaffolding or coat hanger to hang everything on as they grow and develop.

"They have become Christians, and I’m doing CE with them to ground them in the truths of Jesus’ deity, the total significance of the cross and proofs of the resurrection. New life starts with grace and then our life continues with fresh supplies of his grace; important foundational pillars.” 

“Throughout my ministry, CE has helped me to nurture new believers.  I thank God for [Christianity Explained].”
- Percy Campbell 

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