Taiwanese University Students, using CE in their discipleship group

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Above: Taiwanese University students, using CE in their discipleship group. 
"Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death and will cover over a multitude of sins." James 5:20 NIV

:Christianity Explained 
Laying Strong  Foundations in Taiwan


For over ten years,
Christianity Explained has been transforming lives of university students in Taiwan. The spin offs extend beyond the walls of the university! 

How did this Australian course find its way into the life cycle of the Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CEF), the Taiwan equivalent of Intervarsity Fellowship? OMF is an International mission.

The OMF Field Director in Taiwan is Phil Nicholson, who just happens to be Australian. Angela Symonds, another OMF missionary, working in university student ministry, is British. She originally heard about CE from Phil. The six week, systematic, Bible Study attracted her and made her investigate CE for herself. 

 Thankfully, someone had already done the hard work of translating the course, and it was available in a Mandarin/English dual language format. Initially, Angela taught it to a few new students, at the National Chung Hsing University, who came from Christian backgrounds. Like many, their Sunday School understanding of the Bible left them with an unclear picture of what the Christian faith was about.

Doing CE dramatically helped their adult minds make sense of everything that they had been hearing since their childhood. It was a great tool to help disciple these young Christian men and women, to give them a firm foundation to build on for the rest of their time at university and beyond. 

Angela then took their Christian discipleship to another level by training the Christian students to use CE for themselves. The students then used CE to disciple other Christians as well as an evangelistic tool among their friends, and so the cycle began again.

These days, Angela and other CEF staff on other campuses around Taiwan use CE, with some contextually appropriate illustrations, to train trainee staff workers and at least ten groups have been using the material, during this last Fall term, when new students arrive for the beginning of their academic year. 

"The six lessons of CE ... are extremely important "


A typical student would be led though the material during his/her first year, then in the next two or three years would lead at least one other student each year through the course, enabling students to put into practice and obey Jesus’ command to make disciples.

Many of the students look back on this experience with CE as formative in their Christian lives, either in drawing them to the Lord, or to clarifying their understanding of the basics of Christianity. Peter was a student and is now a graduate, but he has shared his thoughts on the impact CE has had on his life:

“The six lessons of Christianity Explained are the basic Christian concepts and principles. I think they are extremely important.

"When I first arrived in university, although I joined the Christian Fellowship, I really knew very little about what Christianity teaches, as I had only been to Sunday School spasmodically during my childhood.


"Christianity Explained gave me correct concepts of what Christianity is all about. This all helped me greatly as I began to attend other Bible study groups. I especially felt that I had a much deeper understanding of the parts of the gospel, dealing with the facts and meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ.”

A further off shoot of the training has been that, once someone is used to using the material, they usually begin to use it in other situations, e.g. their church youth group, or post graduate fellowship group, and occasionally in their workplace.

"... the spin offs extend beyond the walls of the university and will go on into eternity"

Over ten years ago, when Angela first investigated CE, how could she have seen the fruit that God has grown and the many lives that God has transformed through this simple tool. The spin offs extend beyond the walls of the university, and will go on into eternity! 

Why not pray now, asking God if there is someone you know who would benefit from doing CE with you? 

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