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Imagine a Hollywood end-of-the-world movie, in which the editors keep the film’s beginning..
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Christianity Explained is a six-week evangelistic course designed especially for people wi..
$19.95 AU$
The CE Leader's manual cut down to the bare minimum you need to run the course. Contains t..
$7.50 AU$
A learner’s Workbook to be used in conjunction with the Christianity Explained evangelisti..
$3.50 AU$
Booklet to go with Study 4 This booklet is part of the Christianity Explained course. Giv..
$5.00 AU$
A child in a Religious Education class once asked, “Miss, did Moses come to Australia befo..
$18.00 AU$
Another suggested follow-up to the “Christianity Explained” course, even for those who are..
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(One-to- one)24 pages A4 sizeContains 12 personal  testimonies from people who have ..
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