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Find "Revelation' hard? This book will help by-
placeing the book in chronological order with indepth commentary.
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Both books contain the philosophy (thinking) behind the course, the six lessons and the handout sheets given to the learner after each lesson. (These may be photocopied). The Christianity Explained Manual is more suitable for a local church situation.
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Christianity Explained Teaching Manual (80 Pages)
Christianity Explained Evangelistic Course
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24 pages A4 size
Contains 12 personal testimonies from people who have completed the Christianity Explained
23 pages A4 size.

Suggested download onto 120g card for durability
The Christianity Explained manual requires you to make visual aids to go with each of the six studies.
This download will save you the time and bother. Cut them up where indicated. Simple!

6 pages A5 size

This booklet is part of the Christianity Explained course. 

Give a copy to each learner at the conclusion of Study 4, to be read before the next meeting.

The author presents the six “Christianity Explained” studies speaking straight to the camera with no live audience. He demonstrates the visual aids which are an important part of each of the studies. This is an aid for the person teaching the course and is not designed to be shown to the learners who are inquiring into the Christian faith. It is much better to verbalise the course. Watching videos generally does not promote discussion as readily as a personal presentation. However if you feel not able to do a personal verbal presentation, then watching the videos together is better than doing nothing. Discuss the content after each video. Give out the hand-out sheet after each video and ask the enquirer to read the passages from Mark.